ProjectShift: Expressions of The Future, Technology, & Education

It’s overwhelming, the topic of The Future and Technology. We all hope that one day, one of these lectures or presentations we go to is just going to give us the answer. “In the future…” And we never get it, and if we do get it, we don’t buy it. Really? Microchips in the brain? World peace? Robot pets? But there is another way to talk about The Future. By not restating all the things we know, but rather expressing how we all feel about what we all know.

There is an overwhelming sense of connectedness, it’s beautiful and overpowering.
There is a sense of impending technological failure, it’s terrifying and disconcerting.
There is a past Future of flying cars and deep space travel, it’s funny and so clearly naive.
There is a future Past of a lush world as compared to the desolate desert world our children will grow up in, it’s depressing and motivating.

How can we express these deep feelings? Words seem to oversimplify them. Does the word fear really capture what it is to be afraid? Does love do Love justice?

PROJECT SHIFT, an event of MobilityShifts at the New School in New York portrayed all these common fears, hopes, and expectations of the Future, specifically as it pertains to technology and education. They incorporated music, poetry, art, drama, video, photography, comedy, and other media in a bold attempt to capture the overwhelming diversity of intense feelings we all have of the Future, Technology, and Education.

Here are two clips from their performance:

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