Viral Tech Report 1.7

The NY Tech Meetup new year kicked off on January 8 with another round of great presentations and a big audience in the house. This report highlights:

 The Doing and The Not Doing


Matthew Barnett of Makers Row

Maker’s Row is a fantastic platform that helps you with the doing – going from your great idea (as a designer) to getting it made (by a factory). The site sorts out the hi-level stages of the making process (Ideation, Pattern-Making, Materials, Sample-Making, Tooling, Production) and helps simplify the supply chain. Enter your parameters (what kind of apparel, for example, which state to be made in, and then sort by reviews or most used etc.

The Making Process, illustrated by Makers Row

The Making Process, illustrated by Makers Row

The service supports a few industries so far (apparel and accessories) and has a growing list of participants. “Made in America” is a stated vision of the org, for “providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States” And founder Matthew Barnett (in photo above) pointed out the true-blue quality control advantage of working with local factories you can visit – without the hassle of needing a passport.

The Couch Cachet service does kind of the opposite, by making your not-doing an impressive rundown of achievements.

Via foursquare, it leverages your location, contacts, and goings-on in your neighborhood, and not only schedules your evening for you but also it checks you in to each one without needing to actually attend. That means that as far as your friends are concerned, you have a super-busy, enviable active life, going places and meeting people, while in reality you can just stay home and watch reruns of Homeland. Their vision?  “Life. Without the hassle of living.”

Finally beyond making and not-doing, something about NY Tech meetup itself. In addition to organizing these presentation events, the group plays an important role in activism (like in the wake of Sandy) and policy (like in the case of the SOPA/PIPA debates). One  key imperative  they’ve recently publicized is to Make New York City the most citizen-connected community on earth. Learn more at the NYTM blog,  and check out their new online platform, where you can review and discuss policy issues for NYC, technology and innovation.

Do it!

Photograph courtesy Qool Foto.



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