How about Public Policy next? This is the first Kickstarter fund I’ve ever donated to. Mindblown Life have created an online game that teaches us basic financial skills, something I personally could have used many years ago. My parents used to ask me “they don’t go over this with you in school?”

Read about Mindblown Life and their Kickstarter Campaign

I think that the concept of learning through interactivity is the true missing link that will bring engagement to the next generations.


Imagine if you could learn Economics, Politics, Government and all the other really important things that we all have to vote on every 2 and 4 years simply by clicking around as we all do on our social networking sites of choice.

Playing a game, scrolling through a Twitter feed (or something like it) or maybe just adding a Facebook page with a ‘Like’ that puts information in your feed at opportune times in order to deliver a larger educational narrative built through bite sized rapid fire chunks.

The author Thomas L. Friedman during his last book tour for THAT USED TO BE US said on several TV appearances that all across the United States he met young people who just “didn’t get the memo.” The ‘memo’ being that they apparently haven’t been overstressed or overanxious about the state of the country, our politics and our economy. They simply just are moving forward creating, innovating and inventing their way into new solutions to old problems (and some new ones too).

Amidst an over-exhaustive presidential election campaign season, this kind of productivity is inspiring.

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