Do You Want To Date My Avatar?

Reading Joseph’s cool Second Life post (“I want my avatar to have a PhD!”) I was reminded of Felicia Day‘s incredible and entertaining gaming music video/satire, “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?”…  So catchy, eh?

(Click here for the clever lyrics.)  And here’s the video:

If my avatar gets a PhD from Second Life, I would like Felicia Day to be my study-buddy.

Click here for Day’s (& The Guild’s) newest music video, “Game On.”

Lyrics: “Go to hell, real life.  I’ll punch you in the face.”  Ha!

Also, I’ve been fascinated by Disney’s Club Penguin.  On the site, kids can decorate their penguins and igloos and the world they create is very real.  Are the newest generation of digital natives (ages 6-14) Second Lifers in training?

Click here for an article from 2007 (from The Telegraph archives) about Second Life and Club Penguin, called “Get a Life, But Make It A Second Life.”  From the article:

What stops Club Penguin from being just a game and elevates it to the level of being a virtual world is that members can live parallel online lives, constructing an identity that lives inside the network and interacts with other people, forming relationships.

This is a (kind of ironic) Club Penguin Study in Second Life by The Learning Experience:

Does anyone know what’s going on with Club Penguin now?

I’m also wondering what the worlds of Second Life and Club Penguin will be like when we begin to use Sixth Sense Technology:

When the interface is everywhere, how will we make a distinction between real life and second life?  And will it matter?

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  1. Monica

    Interesting proposition and very well executed — I loved both videos, especially “Game On” with the Bollywood theme.

  2. Kathleen Sweeney

    Hilarious video…nails the fantasy/reality matrix of avatar production….love it! As for the sixth sense technology, as an external device, it excites me…but as an “implant”, it freaks me out…shades of The Borg!…

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