REUTERS Carried the News on Friday:


‘Million Muppet March’ planned to defend U.S. backing for PBS

A million muppets on the national mall? November 3rd. This may have been the greatest thing I’ve seen on the Reuters newswire throughout this entire campaign.

The brainchild of a guy from Idaho and a Los Angeles Animation company executive. Apparently they were dueling for domain name within about 30 minutes of the ending of the Presidential debate where GOP Candidate Mitt Romney fired Big Bird on live TV. Well… he did say he likes to fire people. I guess 6 foot 5 puppets are also fair game for the former Bain Capital executive.

In any case. You can bet I will be there on November 3rd. I may have to go to FAO Schwartz and make my own muppet so I don’t go down there without proper representation.

For now… I will leave you with this collection of #BIGBIRD #MEMES.

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