#StreetArtFest: Pop Up Curation Online!

(photo by Kathleen Alquist @katalquist)

On Monday, July 9th, four teams of artists, designers and filmmakers set out from The New School into the Union Square environs to photograph and videotape #StreetArtFest.

Each team member also had a twitter partner for creating a live tweet dialogue using the hashtags #streetart #fest #vmlab, sending pics via Instagram and Twitpics. Participants via Twitter were @tactilejbowe, @joshbinder, @jazmagoto, @verkokel, @katalquist, @Sinerxion, @nastiaNS, @throwingchair, @petamni, @mellyc5 and our Flickr curator, @MariaJesusV. Along the way, we gained additional pics from @deanna, @kellipop, @kHyal and engaged in tweet-versation with @stephspiro and others from the @vmlab community.

With repeat images across neighborhoods, clearly certain artists had been making the rounds. Notable was the “Evianair” and “Poland SpringAir” photograffiti series for its Eco-overtones.

(photo by Andrew Bowe @tactileJbowe)

The #StreetArtFest created a multi-layered dialogue, party-style, with a pop-up curation event online.

Here’s the link to our Flickr Gallery of highlights from the #StreetArtFest!

And check out this selection of live tweets from the #StreetArt Fest:

We welcome continued submissions and collaborations on #streetart! Send us Twitpics or Instagram via Twitter @vmlab or post on our Facebook page!

Explore some newly-minted retro versions of “writing on someone’s wall”.

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