A Couple of Interesting Twitter Reactions to the Internet Blackout on the 18th

I just wanted to add to Emilia’s wonderful post about the Internet blackout on the 18th (protesting online piracy prevention bills, SOPA and PIPA), called “24-Hour Internet Black-Out.”  Click here for Emilia’s post, and check out this wonderful and important impromptu TED Talk by Clay Shirky about why SOPA is a bad idea:

After several major sites like Wikipedia, Reddit,, etc, participated in the blackout on the 18th, @Tweetsmarter posted some funny social media reactions to the blackout, like the Twitter account that was formed for 24 hours by @herderpedia to retweet and document the public reaction to a suddenly absent Wikipedia (creating an interesting and odd caricature of human nature and garnering over 11,000+ followers in a day):

… and some links to interesting visual data, like this fascinating video by Andrei Taraschuk that tracked hashtags and mentions of #PIPA, #SOPA, or #blackout across the country:

Twitter Reacts to Internet Censorship from Andrei Taraschuk on Vimeo.

Click here to review some of the outcomes of the Internet blackout.  And check out some of the best SOPA/PIPA protest visuals by clicking here.

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