The Rise of the Infographic Video

We’ve talked about infographic data display and many of the VMLabers have blogged about inspiring and informative videos but no one has addressed them head on. Why are artists drawn to creating infographic videos?

Well, for starters infographic videos tend to contain cumbersome statistics and relate to topics that live in virtual space. In many cases it is simply easier to use an infographic videos to convey a point.

Many directly videos discuss social media trends:

The World of Social Media 2011



The State of the Internet

JESS3™ / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

History of the Internet

History of the Internet from Melih Bilgil on Vimeo.

Other videos approach complex issues that are more easily digested in a concrete visual path.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

And some, like we’ve already seen on the VMLab, use animated infographics so you can make your own conclusions. How do you picture a 14 year old girl infected by HIV/AIDs with no access to education and few opportunities? Or a hungry family grouped into a statistic of one billion?  Do you think more deeply when you must fill in the blanks on your own?

The Girl Effect

The Global Hunger Epidemic






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