The Marilyn Monroe Manifesto

To stir things up and create a little synergy in the city, I asked the resurrected icon, Marilyn Monroe, to channel the viral message of the Holstee Manifesto on the streets of New York City.  And this is the remix I came up with:


I then created a Tumblr as a repository for a larger happiness project, to collect contributions or ideas of ‘happy’ from the social web as a collaborative art project, and as a place to put ‘behind-the-scenes’ Marilyn photos, outtakes, and diary entries.  Click here to visit The Collective Happiness Project.

This is a “Marilyn Manifesto” explanation from the site:

Monroe is a tragic figure, and bringing her back from the dead, in an era that can’t let go of her, (especially recently) for a romp in the city was electric, fun, and it seemed to flow.  Marilyn made everyone we met so happy, and the presence of Marilyn changed the Holstee Manifesto, (especially the  ”life is short” line) and gave it new meaning.


Think of Marilyn Monroe, the iconic image, the meme-Marilyn, and then think of the verbal meme Manifesto (it’s been passed around on the web)… with a New York backdrop. It was interesting to see how Marilyn changed the manifesto, lived it, enhanced it.  The message was different, and we naturally came up with a more nuanced version of the manifesto.  It gradually became “The Marilyn Manifesto”.  And the manifesto changed Marilyn, too, turned tragedy into comedy, addressing modern issues and the things that never change about life without ever taking away from the sad seriousness of Marilyn’s untimely departure.  Live every day with passion.  And be certain of one thing: happiness is a girl’s best friend.

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