“Please Use Your Freedom to Promote Ours” Aung San Suu Kyi

Burma Know is a Facebook fan page that I recently created to help promote freedom and justice in Burma. The fan page is dedicated to the promotion of Burmese democracy news and related NYC events.The movement is comprised of a well-mobilized online community. I believe it is important to foster connections on and offline and that aggregating information from reliable international sources is the best way for me to make a difference.

In 2008, I visited the Thai/Burma border on an alternative break trip with American University and U.S. Campaign for Burma. There my group met with key Burmese democracy groups and NGOs like ALTSEAN, Assistance Association for Political PrisonersFree Burma Rangers, and Women’s League of Burma. I was given the rare opportunity to see a democracy movement at work.

My biggest challenge has been sharing my experiences with others. It is difficult to articulate just how incredible pro-democracy activists, Saffron Revolution Buddhist monks, and the refugee community really are. Words cannot describe my respect and appreciation for all that they do. This fan page will continue to be a vehicle by which I can support these people and their worthy cause. As an American it is only right to support those whose lives are limited due to military rule and dictatorship.

Below is the inside scoop on my fan page. This is new to me and may be new to you, so please review what Facebook calls my “insights.” The fan page currently has a reach of 444 people per week and the presence seems to be growing by the day!


I look forward to spending the next few weeks tackling Facebook insights and working on reaching more people!

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