Fred & Ginger Remix Mania: Transcending Time

Chas’s post about the fabulous remix videos created by Pogo (called “The Magic of Pogo“) inspired me.  I hadn’t ever heard of Pogo, but his remixes are phenomenal, in part because his choice of material is so smart.  By using the Disney clips and (as Chas mentioned) having them “dance” to this new music in the remix, Pogo is using something so iconic and memorable, so embedded in the pop culture consciousness, and he’s giving it a new song and dance. Part of what makes the remix so powerful is the effervescent and transcendent quality of the original material.  What you choose to remix matters.

This made me think of the videos I love of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  They’re so universally recognized and they stand up over time.  We have pre-associations with the material linked to personal memories and emotions that exist on a visceral level.  When something iconic is remixed, the remix changes the message and the music but not these deeply rooted associations.  I love how a remix can alter a classic and give it renewed life and it can also remind us of the everlasting power of a classic that lends itself so effortlessly to becoming a memorable remix.

Here are a few variations of Fred & Ginger, dancing to new music.  They’re so in tune with so many different kinds of music in these remixes, you realize why Astaire and Rogers are so popular — it looks like you can cut and paste their choreography into any era and across cultures and they still keep the beat.  It’s like they were made to transcend boundaries and twirl beyond time. (If anyone in the class already uploaded any of these videos, please forgive me if I’m repeating you):

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