The Magic of Pogo

All remixes are not created equal, and among the most creative – even magical – of anything online is the work of Pogo (producer Nick Bertke). He has racked up more than 42 million views on his YouTube channel by producing A/V remixes of Disney and other films. He turns sound samples of the films into surprisingly beautiful downtempo compositions which he then matches back to equally impressive video remixes (also from the films). Below is “Bloom” which I think is one of his finest pieces:

The great accomplishment of this work is how the pieces are so many things at once: the music is a remix but also an original composition by itself; visually the video could stand on its own – how the remixed film essentially dances to the music in this wonderful, playful way; and what I enjoy perhaps most of all is how each piece is a tribute to the film or films it samples. You can really feel how much Nick knows and loves the source material, how intricately everything fits together like the gears of fine watch. And you could know almost nothing about the films and still get a sense of them. The YouTube remix is a very young artform, but Pogo has in my mind set the standard for what’s possible…

If you want to learn more about his process watch this remix of the movie Hook, then watch this Vimeo of what it looks like in production. You can go through his channel to see his other work and also follow him on Twitter.

Finally, if you want to see another totally different kind of YouTube-born musical remixing, you need to check out Kutiman. Here’s his first “Thru-you” from 2009 which combines found musical footage from Youtube into a remarkable original composition:

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