GOP remixes

More on the power of remixes. I was listening to NPR’s recap of the GOP presidential happenings of the week and they referenced the below remix song done by Jon Huntsman’s daughters to help bolster his campaign. I like this example because it shows how viral media can be moved between social circles (GOP to mainstream) via the news.

The videos were also covered by the Washington Post which coved their social media strategies and their impact.- “Jon Huntsman’s Strange Viral Video Strategy” Jon Huntsman’s daughters seem to be trying to tap into the social media generation for their dad.

“Viral videos may catch fire online, but they rarely seem to translate into votes. Videos did not get voters excited about the campaign of former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. Nor did they help Christine O’Donnell or Carly Fiorina.”

This one is hardly a video and rather they remixed a song and posted it as a video with a picture of their faces which my work given they are known for being attractive.

(216,517  views as of 12/04/11) 

They previously did this one making fun of Cain’s commercial-

(330,274 views as of 12/04/11) 

The Cain commercial they and many others have spoofed-

(1,671,252 views as of 12/04/11) 

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