“I’m Getting Arrested” App

I’m not kidding.  There is an app called, “I’m Getting Arrested” developed by Quadrant 2 for android users.  It sounded amusing at first, but with citizen protests expanding across the country and allegations of police brutality, it may prove useful.

This is a partial review from CNET’s Jaymar Cabebe:

Imagine you’re in New York (or perhaps another major metropolitan city) peacefully protesting.

Your cause? Let’s say, to curb excessive influence of big business and the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans on U.S. laws and policy. You’re holding up a sign declaring your heartfelt beliefs and chanting a bit with some of your fellow demonstrators when, all of a sudden–bam! The cops slap the cuffs on you, with the intention of carting you off to the nearest police station. Meanwhile, your friends and family are at home completely clueless about your situation.

Enter I’m Getting Arrested, a creative Android app that, according to developer Quadrant 2, was inspired by a similar incident. It lets you quickly notify your family, friends, and crack legal team (if you have one) of your situation with a single tap of your finger. Just initially enter a custom message and some SMS-ready numbers to contact in the event of your arrest. Then, as you’re about to be corralled into the back of a squad car, fire the app up and long-press the bull’s-eye for 2 seconds. From there, you can rest assured that your message will be sent to the appropriate contacts.”

Read more in CNET’s review.

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  1. Chas

    What happens when your phone is in your front pocket? I’d have to imagine it’s really hard to obtain or operate your phone when your hands are cuffed in plastic zip-ties.

    Perhaps a better app design would be an app that effectively acts as an alarm. So it goes off at certain intervals, and if you don’t cancel it, then it alerts the chosen contact that you may have been arrested..

    But it would take a pretty focused protestor to avoid false positives with such a thing. When my phone is in my pocket, I miss calls and texts all the time.

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