Ebola Memes and Videos

Since this Fall, the Ebola Virus Disease has taken metaphoric form ALL over the internet.  As quickly as the disease can spread in real life, the virality of  Ebola has taken a mirror image all over cyberspace.  Here are some of the funniest Meme’s and Videos ‘plaguing’ social media.

1.  MJ and Kermit Death Stare: We’ve all been here, someone coughs or sneezes in your personal space and you become extremely irritated.  But now that Ebola has spread to the U.S. , the death stares have increased by 60%.

MJ death stare


kermit death stare

2. Is this making it better or worse? In my opinion, when you wear protective gear in public places, your goal is to freak people out. Or to look like an idiot.

Ebola Face Masks

Not today Ebola

3. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

what happens in Vegas

4. Ricolaaaa! (*Sings Jingle) Get it?

riccola Ebola

5. E-Bowling- There’s nothing like a stupid little joke. 


6. It ain’t viral until you’ve seen a Kardashian. Unfortunately, although this Meme is a little mean, it’s 100% true.

Kim Kardashian

And last but not least; one video of two cruel parents and two videos of Ebola pranks gone wrong. 

Prank Gone Wrong #1:

Prank Gone Wrong #2

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