A Guide To Black Twitter

Who Is Black Twitter?

Who is Black Twitter? Well, that’s not an easy question. It’s basically anyone tweeting while Black. In it’s earlier incarnations, as discussed previously, it was a way for a community to talk to each other. A researcher found that the level of engagement among Black Twitter users was high – they followed each other and they retweeted each other’s posts more than the norm.

Anecdotally, it follows that African-Americans can be connected to each other by many shared experiences – school, fraternities and sororities, neighborhoods, etc., and engagement and community is something that is prized above and beyond familial ties. (Consider the African-American phenomenon of dubbing friends “play sisters, play cousins, etc.).

The following is a guide to joining Black Twitter courtesy of the Black Twitter Awards (a website having a little fun with the Black Twitter phenomenon).

howtojoinBTIn a tongue-in-cheek “manual” for prospective members (#Blacktwitterwelcomemanual) a group of Black tweeters responded to Twitter user @BeccaRum (account now deleted) earlier this year when she expressed she felt she was being excluded from Black Twitter because she was white.

One important thing to remember: Black Twitter has “no chill.” In other words, snarky humor and a general lack of political correctness and sensitivity are welcomed here.


As Rum found out, Black Twitter enjoys poking fun, particularly at the clueless. Here are a few gems from the “Black Twitter Welcome Manual”




But Black Twitter does have a serious side, one that has gained prominence in recent years, and especially in this past year.

PART THREE:  Black Twitter’s serious side 

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