Goldieblox Vs The Big Sister Machine


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A few months ago I wrote about the thrilling rise of GoldieBlox, the company that designs engineering toys for girls.  They got their start on Kickstarter and their wonderful commercial won a much-coveted spot during last year’s Super Bowl.

GoldieBlox is back with a  new commercial targeting a looks-obsessed “big sister” and introducing a new action figure. You can watch the commercial here:

Click here to read about the design of the new action figure on the GoldieBlox website blog.

In the commercial, a cryptic and robotic “big sister” image on a camera informs a factory assembly line of sad girls dressed in a pink uniform that “you are beauty, and beauty is perfection.” They all reach for Barbie-like dolls on a conveyer belt.  That is until Goldie emerges from the line in red converse and a hammer in her tool belt.  She smashes the deadening image and creates a 3-dimensional Goldie figure… it’s a rousing video and definitely worth a look.

Time Magazine recently reviewed the new GoldieBlox commercial and the Goldie product.  This is an excerpt from the article:

“… the GoldieBlox action figure is certainly aspirational. The tagline? ‘Other dolls are built for fashion, Goldie is built for action.’ But the company also aims to make Goldie more relatable than other dolls. She doesn’t have impossible beauty standards like Barbie, but she also doesn’t fall into the uncool nerdy girl trope popular in kids’ shows… “

What do you think of Goldie’s newest endeavor as an action figure out to inspire girls to be less obsessed with their looks and more action-oriented?  Perhaps she can inspire a generation of builders, smashing the stereotypes and transcending the pink aisle!

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