Shhh! Lets Dance

                                          Flash mobs: Group of people who assemble either suddenly or in filtered manner in a public place.  

The first flash mobs were created in Manhattan in 2003, by Bill Wasik and started out as an email. It is documented that the first attempt was unsuccessful because someone told the targeted store what was going to be happen. See, flash mobs are supposed to be a surprising and joyful act. But after that failed attempt Wasik found a solution. With his first success, the Macy’s flash mob, he had to play dirty. In order to make it successful he decided to send participants to different designated areas of the store and then they would receive further instructions about the details right before the event began. Of course the floor associates felt some suspicion but the performers were to tell them that they all live together and looking for a rug as a collective. It worked and it was the very first successful flash mob.

                                                                                                How did it get started

Flash mobs were created as a social experiment designed to highlight the cultural atmosphere of conformity and wanting to be part the next big thing. So from the thought process, Wasik knew that he wanted these flash mobs to be viral, and that’s just what it did. Flash mobs got big and videos went viral because the concept is fun, relaxing, sweet, and sometimes comical, all the things that our society needs to relieve us of our everyday stresses. Thank you Bill for the flash mobs!

In the beginning of flash mobs the performances were unusual and a seemingly pointless act for a brief time and then the performers would quickly disperse. The only difference now is that there are flash mobs that are done with purpose. From marriage proposals to supporting a campaign, there is a reason behind it all and it is always a good time.


Anything that is executed and done well always need preparation, and that’s the hard part. I speak about the fun and glory of flash mobs but the preparation is intense.

                                                                                                      Now Let me show you 

 This particular flash mob is for a proposal. like I said before the whole wow of Flash mobs is the surprise factor. Look what happens when your in a magical place like Disney 

Even Cheerleaders for Basketball teams get this treatment.

So I was actually asked to be a part of a flash mob this past summer and it was amazing. It was a double whammy type of event. It was held in and by Sephora 5th ave and it was for a campaign to stop bullying. It was a Sephora face off, where 8 of Sephora 5th ave make up artist got to use the flash mob dancers as their models and a flash mob that took place twice in two different parts of the day. unfortunately I couldn’t get any footage from the years I did it but here is the choreography for it.

Although I couldn’t find footage of my year, here is the year before. Enjoy!

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  1. nickcalabrese

    I had discussed flash mobs in my other class about music videos. They seem to be a pretty successful technique in marriage proposals, there are so many great examples on YouTube. They are fun and can be made very personal. It’s hard to not smile during a flash mob performance. It’s also probably really hard to tell someone “no” to their proposal after a flash mob routine.

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