#Occupy the World VS. The Media

Protestors are making their voices heard throughout the world. This Saturday, protestors extended their protests from Wall Street to Times Square (as shown in the video, below).

As noted in the video, protests were simultaneously happening all over the world.

However, the next day, the Daily News did not focus on the magnitude of what was taking place all over the world, but on a photo which would dynamically show violence and conflict.

What is really happening in terms of Viral Media?

A meme called Occupy is going around the world, and it is reverberating with various frequencies, which are resonating to a greater or lesser degree with people around the world. And as these frequencies begin to match one another (because of poverty, inequality, concern for the earth AND for present and future generations) – the meme/movement is taking off – and we are entering an OCCUPY THE WORLD new meme.  And this new meme is being promoted by new rather than old media, where the inhabitants of the world are asking/demanding to truly inhabit the world that is their habitat.

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