When Twitter launched its 140 character micro blogging site in 2006, no one could have predicted its rise to influence in trends, memes, and breaking news reporting. Now weighing in at over 200 million active users seven years later, the company is poised to fly onto the New York Stock Exchange as a public offering on October 28th, 2013. Tweet, tweet indeed.

Key milestones for Twitter’s influence hit in 2011 with the Arab Spring uprisings tapping Twitter for revolutionary strategy (#Bahrain a record 2.8 million mentions) and the emergence of #OccupyWallStreet, #p2 or #OWS, hashtags that linger two years later including #the99.

Here are some interesting factoids about Twitter today:

Top Five Twitter Markets: Indonesia, Brazil, Venezuela, Netherlands, Japan
Japan: Twitter bigger social media network than Facebook
Twitter top ten:
Justin Bieber (44.1 million)
Katy Perry (42.2 million)
Lady Gaga (40.0 million)
Barack Obama (36.2 million)
Taylor Swift (33.6 million)
YouTube (33.1 million)
Britney Spears (31.6 million)
Rihanna (31.5 million)
Instagram (26.0 million)
Justin Timberlake (25.3 million)
•53% of Twitter users are women; 47% are men
•Twitter use by African-Americans (16%) and Hispanic-Americans (11%) higher than other social media networks
•Twitter 3rd most-used social media site in the world
•Current record for Twitter use: 33,388 tweets per second set by Japan on January 1, 2013 after television screening of movie “Castle in the Sky” by Hayao Miyazaki
•On February 3, 2013, a record 24.1 million tweets sent the night of Super Bowl XLVII

Here’s Twitter’s own Happy Birthday message:

For more on current trending hashtags, see Trend Map and

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