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Youth participating in an STB workshop – Mathare Valley, Kenya


STOP the BULLET! (STB) is a long-term peace promotion program. The network behind STB is a youth led coalition of community based organizations (CBOs), that seek to prevent and address violence and exclusion in Nairobi’s Mathare Valley ghetto with a strictly non-partisan, apolitical agenda.

The post-election violence that followed the 2007 General Elections scorched Mathare Valley, and has opened the eyes of many. The unexpected has happened, and the need to prevent future conflicts is crucial. Many youth in Mathare Valley were involved in the violence as perpetrators, as victims or as both. Currently STB is gearing up for Kenyan national elections on March 4, 2013.

Until STB, there were no NGO-initiatives on conflict resolution peace building, civic education, counseling and economic/educational prospects In Mathare to reach informal groups within Mathare Valley. STB is implemented under the auspices of  Duara Foundation. Duara proposes a more dynamic, bottom-up and reciprocal form of international development cooperation. Through this it hopes to contribute to a more equal world.

Youth participating in an STB workshop – Mathare Valley, Kenya


As advocates for peace STOP the BULLET! provides counseling to and facilitates dialogues between antagonistic groups (such as gangs); uses art, specifically theatre, to bring civic education to people most out of reach from conventional initiatives; and publishes a magazine to give a voice to young people from the ghetto to help spread local conflict resolution strategies among ghetto residents. We also seek support from advocates for peace nationally and abroad.



STB programming via theatre, an on/offline magazine and dialogues are a critical triangle for peace to motivate our community towards nonviolent and inclusive practice. This year alone we have lost over a dozen youth mired in the politics of our nation and community. We seek the support of philanthropists, activists, artists, and all other change agents to help us STOP the BULLET! through informed nonviolent action!

Community participation in ongoing dialogues for peace – Mathare Valley, Kenya


STOP the BULLET! (STB) is a coalition born from the brilliant minds of active and transcendent ghetto youth in Kenya’s Mathare Valley ghetto. A network of over 20 community based organizations (CBOs) comprise STB. This network of youth leaders and participants train for, engage in, facilitate and execute STB programming. The Duara Foundation is the Dutch charity organization that helps the STB platform with project development, planning and implementation; and with fundraising, accounting, monitoring and local capacity building. Duara supports local and international organizations in poor urban ghetto communities in sub-Saharan Africa since 2003.

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