Postcards Post Sandy: A Living Archive

An Invitation for those in the New School Community and Beyond!

I have been invited to teach a living archive workshop at The New School for Public Engagement, beginning on Monday, November 12th.
Please send us your stories, photos and videos to include on the site! Best email for links and uploads:

For those interested in enrolling to assist with curation, record stories, engage in site visits to document the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the tri-state area, here is the information….

NCOM3010 (CRN 8575) – Postcards, Post-Sandy: A Public Memory Social Engagement Workshop
Mondays, 12:10-2:50 – November 12 through December 10 / 1.000 Credits
Kathleen Sweeney, Instructor


A practical exploration of how social media can be leveraged in a crisis for sharing significant experiences and resources, historical archiving, community organizing, and building an engaged public. In this five-week, 1-credit class, students create a web place (Tumblr blog and Facebook page) as a digital memory site for recording and archiving stories about life during and after the Sandy Superstorm. Students build practical production skills adequate for use on specific social media sites includes basic design, uploading photographs, short video-making, audio/visual interviewing, and other documentation strategies. The final project is a creative and respectful contribution from the New School to the many people and communities who were deeply effected by the historically unprecedented storm. The class is open to students both onsite and online.

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