Caine’s Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge

It’s time for the next chapter of “Caine’s Arcade.”  If you’ve never heard of Caine, he’s the kid who built the cardboard pinball machine.  When a local filmmaker made a wonderful little movie about it, the film went viral and inspired “a wave of cardboard creativity.”  Millions of children around the world pulled out their tool belts and started to create their own games.


Click here to read the story behind the original short film that went viral in record time.

This is the first film:

… and this is the sequel, just released:

The new short film is a wonderful recap, showcasing the amazing story of Caine and his arcade.  It’s also the official announcement of the launch of the  Imagination Foundation‘s Global Cardboard Challenge, an attempt to mobilize children all over the world to celebrate creativity and play.

As the filmmaker has suggested, “There are a lot of kids out there, like Caine, who just need someone to buy a fun pass.”  So let’s spread this around, buy some fun passes, and get out and play!


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