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On the anniversary of 9/11, the Towers of Light illuminated the perfect fall evening while 650 of NYC’s most eager technologists and entrepreneurs gathered at the NYU Skirball Center Auditorium for September’s NY Tech Meetup. Two of the many cool apps presented on Tuesday deserve contagion:

At, signup in less than 60 seconds and this service will help you keep voting in all elections, no matter how many times you move, for the rest of your life! Know where to vote, know what the rules are for where you live, easily get an absentee ballot – for all 50 states. Attention, college students and parents!! Included in a fee of $1.65, for example, Turbovote sends the correct absentee ballot for you to mail (postage included), then tracks and verifies that your vote is counted. Wow! Be assured, it’s not like FB – how you vote is completely private.

At you can quickly compare the cash price of 30 typical health care procedures. Prices listed in the system are verified by the site’s team of journalists; the site also crowdsources cost information to expand the database. NY consumers can now understand how widely costs can range – be it a mammogram, dental cleaning, or a prescription drug – and make an informed choice. Being informed about costs is obviously important to the uninsured and underinsured; it’s also useful to those with high deductible insurance plans. Visit the site, search, and share your knowledge about costs – the information on those clinic and insurance statements can help the site expand to other cities! It’s an easy way to increase the transparency we need so much in our health care system. All can benefit!

photo of towers of light 911 NYC 2012

Towers of Light, 911 NYC 2012
photo by Jeffrey Marino


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