For almost a century now The Monsanto Company has been creating some of the world’s most dangerous chemicals such as DDT, PCB’s, and Agent Orange. For those who are unaware, The Monsanto Company is a U.S. based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. Monsanto is one of the most successful corporations in the world but unfortunately the most dangerous. The Monsanto Company has been responsible for….
• Manufactured no-calorie sweetener Aspartame, revealed to be a toxic carcinogen
• Producing toxic fertilizers
• Creating dangerous GMO foods that aren’t labeled
• Brainwashing children with fake science curricula

Below are just a few of the many issues in Monsanto’s dark timeline, to read more click here

1965: The evidence of widespread contamination from PCBs and related chemicals has been accumulating and internal Monsanto papers show that Monsanto knew about the PCB dangers from early on.

1973: Monsanto developed and patented the glyphosate molecule in the 1970s. Monsanto began manufacturing the herbicide Roundup, which has been marketed as a “safe”, general-purpose herbicide for widespread commercial and consumer use, even though its key ingredient, glyphosate, is a highly toxic poison for animals and humans.

1986: Monsanto found guilty of negligently exposing a worker to benzene at its Chocolate Bayou Plant in Texas. It is forced to pay $100 million to the family of Wilbur Jack Skeen, a worker who died of leukemia after repeated exposures.

1987: Monsanto is one of the companies named in an $180 million settlement for Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

Now It’s time to TAKE ACTION! So the question is….WHAT CAN I DO?

1. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ORGANIC FARM (volunteer at local farmers markets, urban gardens, and buy ORGANIC)

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