G3…More Productive Than The G6!






The idea that gamers are only antisocial geeks with little to offer society is only mildly offset by this wildly contagious act of giving. With millions of online subscribers in an ever-growing business, the concept of playing games to support charitable causes is not only a selfless act, but a brilliant way to market social and civic engagement via Xbox Live .

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  1. Stephanie Spiro

    Yes, yes! I love this!! I also just noticed a commercial for dosomething.org’s eMission game. They’re targeting a teen demographic. The game allows kids to play and save energy and also “hang out” with their friends on Facebook who are also playing.

    from the site:

    “Saving the environment and hanging out on Facebook has never been more fun! eMission is a game that allows you to be in control of your own beach. Keep it clean, see how many animals you can raise, take on special environment missions to reduce your carbon footprint. Earn points, get rewards, play with friends and help save the environment!

    Need another reason to play? DoSomething is offering five (5) $1,000 scholarships to eMission players. Learn more here. The deadline to apply is
    November 10, 2011”


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