#StreetArt #Fest!

On Monday June 9th, The Viral Media Lab will be collaborating on a live tweet of street art from Union Square, Soho, Washington Square Park, and the East Village from 6-8pm. Our goal is to create a live conversation about what we find and to invite others to participate and send in their favorite photos of street art!

At the end of the live tweet we will be choosing our favorite submission to become our Facebook Page cover photo!

To submit your photos simply tweet to @vmlab or post your photo on our facebook page

To participate, use these hashtags: #streetart #fest #vmlab

The photos we choose will also be featured on our website, Flickr page and Twitter feed!




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  1. Peta Mni

    Fun experiment and I learned a lot from my fellow classmates @MariaJesusV and @mellyc5. Usually I do this sort of thing anyways, photographing street art, but the group and twitter elements made it WAY more interesting. Thank you @wavemaven and @TactileJBowe for making this possible!

  2. Sweeneyk

    Opens up possibilities for curating more extensive projects like this! Such a great experience to collaborate and have a frame of time to focus image-making! Love the photos!

  3. Kathleen

    This was an awesome event. I took pictures using my iPhone and I discovered there were really interesting pieces of art when you take it into a frame…and then instagram it up 🙂 

  4. Jazmin G

    Even though I wasn’t able to be part of one group, I had the great opportunity to be part of three groups!! Follow them around in different parts of NYC. Definitely a really interesting experiment. You learn a lot from how people expresses themselves with StreetArt. And I was able to hear different opinions on the subject. 

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