#Kony2012 Sequel Video: Beyond Famous

The #Kony2012 video was a viral phenomenon, reaching over 100 million people in 6 days .  A month later, Invisible Children has released a sequel film, addressing issues and criticisms of the first film.  This is the Kony2012 video, Part II:

It’s already being talked about:






… and it appears to have over 1,500,000+ hits after a week on YouTube.  What are your thoughts?  How have your feelings changed over time regarding the #Kony2012 campaign?

Click here to watch the phenomenal “Kids React to Kony.”  If you’d like to read more about the global phenom video, check out the Tech News World story, “How and Why Did Kony 2012 Go Viral Overnight?”, an article that discusses both Kony videos and why the first one went so viral.  Also, check out this TED Talk about why videos go viral and this article by @wavemaven about slow media and the repercussions of viral media.

Will you be supporting the video, out on the town to “Cover the Night” on April 20th?

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