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I talked a little about Jane McGonigal‘s gaming TED Talk in a previous post.  For the next few days (April 3-5), you can game with McGonigal to get the world out of poverty.  This is the teaser trailer:

… and a game guide:

Click here to visit the Catalysts for Change website.

You can click here to visit Co.Exist‘s recent article, entitled “Join Jane McGonigal In Gaming the World Out of Poverty.”  From the article:

Ask the Internet community to come up with a list of ways to get the world out of poverty and you’ll probably collect some decent ideas. But ask the Internet to play a game that could help lessen poverty and you end up with 1,200 players in 50 countries working on the problem within the first two hours of launch.


That’s what happened with Catalysts for Change, a game created by renowned designer Jane McGonigal, who serves as the director of game research and development at Institute for the Future (IFTF) and the chief creative officer atSuperBetter Labs.


The 48-hour game, created as a partnership between the Rockefeller Foundation and IFTF, started on April 3rd and will end on the 5th. In the meantime, anyone can sign up. The game, which is built on McGonigal’s Foresight Engine platform, is simple: Users play cards that allow them to express their ideas about the future of poverty. The cards have a limit of 140 characters and come in two varieties: Positive Imagination cards that describe new paths out of poverty and Critical Imagination cards that warn of paths leading to vulnerability. Once someone plays a card, other users can build on it by exploring what might happen if that path is taken and how it could play out in different parts of the world. The more players build on a user’s cards, the more points they get.

In this new global community, everyone is a key player, so let’s log in, deal the cards, and get gaming!

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