#OccupyAngiesRightLeg: Getting Our Memes Crossed

The breakout star of the Oscars this year was Angelina Jolie’s leg.  Angie’s right leg went viral on the Internet and it even created its own Twitter account within the last 24 hours.  Over 22,000+ people now follow @AngiesRightLeg for leggie-celeb updates on Twitter.  Apparently this is one attention-starved, popular and chatty leg:

Click here to read “Angelina Jolie Hilariously Legbombs the Internet,” Mashable’s story about Angie’s leg meme.  The article highlights Angelina’s many limb i-cameos in unlikely places, including a glimpse of the leg stepping into the now iconic #OWS photo meme of the “pepper spray cop“:

Now how’s that for getting our memes crossed?

I assume that Jolie was presenting at the Oscars to publicize her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, and she clearly (and apparently wisely) let her leg do the talking.  I suppose this is one way to promote a new upcoming –and serious — directorial debut: allow your leg to upstage you and just about everything else on the Internet.

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