Donate a Tweet a Day!

While reading @2morrowknight‘s wonderful Huffington Post interview with “The Phenomenal Jeff Pulver” (founder of the 140 Conference) I was really excited to hear about Pulver’s “pet project,” JustCoz, described by Pulver as “a platform for social good, where we offer the ability for people to donate a tweet to causes which they wish to support.”

JustCoz describes its mission on the site:

We decided to create a relay network for potentially every charity, non-profit organization and NGO in the world  that will allow it to be heard beyond its social graph (which many times does not fully represent the magnitude of the audience supporting their cause) while we as a platform remain as unheard to the crowd and as transparent to the broadcaster as possible.

More from the site:

(Click here for my post about how you can get high from a quick tweet for a good cause.)  It’s definitely worth visiting to see how you can spread the word and donate a “tweet-a-day” to a cause or a nonprofit that inspires you!

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