The Tomboy Project

“The Tomboy Project” is a Kickstarter photography project I recived via the LinkedIn group Women in Action Sports.  Ashley Jo George, the creator of the “The Tomboy Project” has a different idea of today’s tomboys:

There is a standard stereotype for tomboys, though if you look around that stereotype doesn’t really fit women of today. This project is about putting faces to the lifestyle of a tomboy. Do you consider yourself a tomboy? If so what makes you a tomboy?”

I was a tomboy throughout my tweens and much of my teens, and proud of it! I was content playing video games, snowboarding, and making more guy friends than girls. Much of this has remained the same but I’ve transformed into a poised young woman. Do I still consider myself a tomboy? Of course! I commend Ashley Jo for her work. Women of today are fearless and strong, and should always be praised for their individuality.

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