Girl Tube: Protecting Canada’s Boreal Forest from #BigOil

More on Girl Activism….Witness the fearless and creative activism of a 10-year old Canadian girl. Ta’Kaiya Blaney, member of the Sliammon Nation of North Vancouver, who teamed up with Greenpeace and other environmental organizations, recording her own original song, “Shallow Waters,” to help prevent another Tar Sands pipeline.

This pipeline is proposed to traverse the sacred lands known for the Spirit Bear, a rare albino species, an area only recently protected from logging ventures.

As part of the proposal, oil tankers destined to collect the dirty tar sands oil off the coast of British Columbia would travel through an area known for its diversity of undersea life, and for the navigational treachery of its waters for even small ferries. Due to the size of the tankers and the narrowness of the inlet passageways of this area, the Code Red danger of another Exxon Valdez Disaster runs extremely high.

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