Laboring For Laborer’s Rights: CASA & Local 371

“Part of Governor Cuomo’s Medicaid reform plan would essentially destroy the Community Alternative Systems Agency (CASA), which— through 15 offices in the City—provides home-based care for the elderly and dis- abled. If Cuomo has his way, thousands of people who depend on elderly-care will be moved out of their homes and into man- aged-care facilities. Seven hundred social service workers, most of whom are SSEU Local 371 members, would lose their jobs.

“SSEU 371 members who work in CASA should be involved in the fight back campaign. Talk to organizers about how to get the word out, and get in touch with the Legislation and Political Action section. We want the rank-and-file membership to speak directly to the people in power who can save CASA.”  (Text from:

What Clarence and I propose to do is launch the blog, with its corresponding social media applications (a Facebook share button, live-feed Twitter stream, and YouTube widget) in order to push 371’s already effective work into new streams of people-gathering/group informing.

The by-product of the blog is a real-time blueprint for future labor rights workers, to note the successes of the movement (and places where it can be improved upon).

screenshot of the CASAfight blog.

Stay Tuned for the greenlight to go live!

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