The Girl Effect and the UN

This video, at almost 9.5 million views, features a 13-year-old Severn Suzuki speaking passionately to the United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Brazil. Will the world listen?

It’s puzzling that this video is such low quality, so pixelated, as if beamed in on some alternative frequency from another time, another world. Despite this, it obviously has resonated with millions…

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  1. Samarah

    In many ways this video is from another time – it is nearly 20 years old.   You asked “will the world listen?”  Well, how much has changed since 1992? In the article found here:,9171,1003126,00.html 

    Severin says, after a decade of reflection and growing up, “I’m not sure what has been accomplished. My confidence in the people in power and in the power of an individual’s voice to reach them has been deeply shaken.” 

    I feel that this video still resonates with people, so many years later and in spite of the poor quality video, is because the issues brought forth are still cause concern.

    You asked “Will the world listen?”, I think they did/still are.  But listening us not enough, my question is will the world change? 

  2. Sweeneyk

    This video showed up in the “related videos” area of a recent #OWS documentary trailer, “Occupy Love”….a reminder that there is no linear time sequence in web worlds. It is interesting that on quick view, I took this as a recent video (uploaded 2008, it appears). I was so moved by the timelessness (and timeliness) of her comments,  I rushed to post it. That it is so many years old explains the low quality…it must have been shot on a low-end camcorder. But it continues to be passed along all these years later with resonance and relevance. Change takes a long long time…..Thank you for the link, and for the clarification!

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