Occupy Meme

At the onset of Occupy Wall Street, the protesters were asked by the media what their demands were.  Spokespersons explained there was no one leader, but instead, it was a collective of public voices banding together in the effort to be heard.  The Occupy mindset seems to have influenced December events, such as a new governor-led NY tax code that reduces rates for the middle class, parents marching with their children against bullying and police brutality, and tens of thousands taking to the streets in Russia in response to alleged rigged elections.  Has a local event in Tunisia one year ago had such a global domino effect? Is this the definition of a “meme”?

“Cuomo, Praised for Tax Deal, Takes Victory Lap to City

…winning enactment of the tax package, which creates a new tax bracket for the state’s highest-income residents while reducing rates for millions of middle-income families.”   –NYT


“Russian election: Biggest protests since fall of USSR

Thousands of people have attended the biggest anti-government rally in the Russian capital 

Moscow since the fall of the Soviet Union.  As many as 50,000 people gathered on an island near the Kremlin to condemn alleged ballot-rigging in parliamentary elections and demand a re-run.”   -BBC











“Parents for Occupy Wall Street: Anti-Bullying / Police Brutality March

At noon, we will march with our signs held high and our yellow balloons announcing our presence to Foley Square, in front of the State Supreme Court building to deliver a message denouncing bullying and specifically the recent actions of NYPD Police Brutality. There will be a intense visual statement made where our children will turn their backs and cover their eyes, as this silent message will be one too shameful for them to see. We will then march on to City Hall Park where the children will then place 5,000 paper hearts, one to represent each peaceful protester arrested over the past 3 months in a large circle in the center of the park. 

Since the Occupy Wall Street movement began in September, we parents have watched in disbelief and disgust as individuals within our law enforcement agencies have appeared to step above the law and use excessive force and outright violence against citizens for simply exercising their1st amendment rights, to assemble and peacefully protest. These actions are simply unacceptable.”                

– Parents for Occupy Wall Street


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