Ooo, The Pepperman Will Get You While You’re Sleeping! Funny or “Not Funny”!

Officer Pike

This, on my right, is Officer Pike. At an occupy rally at UC Davis pepper sprayed in cold blood a seated row of students who were all covering themselves in order to avoid the spray. Well, you may have heard of the tumblr site “Pepper Spraying Cop”, basically a slideshow of mash-up pictures depicting Officer Pike in weird pop-culture situations spraying away. I think the two things have to be regarded separately, on the one hand the incident, and on the other, it’s pop-culturality. Some incidents are so horrifying and so close to home that they will be hard to forget, but the result is, we all know it so it’s automatically popular and therefore a great success in becoming used as a pop-culture icon. I think the tumblr site is great, as weird as it is to have to think about the incident every time I see Pike spraying Yoda in the face. Opinions?

And here is my own spin on the pepper spray cop mash-up:

Oh! Bloomberg got peppa'd!

"Pepper, Mr. Bloomberg?"

By the way, the “Not Funny” being in quotes in the title is a reference to one of the first great viral videos of all time, the blood video. Don’t worry, there’s no blood.

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