Miley – Are You Serious?

From the article:

The Yiddish word “farkakte” means simultaneously “crazy, screwed up, and gone bad”; sometimes it’s the only word that will do. It’s a farkakte world where 1% of the population gets richer at the expense of everyone else; where corporations purposely sell four year olds on fake sexuality; where thousands of unknown viewers can watch repeatedly the parent-posted videos of tiny daughters as Hannah Montana imitators shaking whatever booty they have; where kids are indoctrinated to celebrity culture before they even enter preschool; and where a 19-year-old’s celebrity means that her political opinions matter.


I still don’t know what I think about Miley Cyrus’ OWS inspired remix video “Liberty Walk” because I am still unsure of the intent. Is this Miley expressing her political views or is this RockMafia trying to capitolize on the movement.  I personally think it is the latter.

The song “Liberty Walk” is about a person leaving an abusive relationship, which is analogous to the people’s relationship with corporations.  However, the song was one of the reasons Newsday claimed her new album was “hard to take seriously”.

Could this remix video just be a ruse to give the song gravitas? Or is she using her “star” power to bring message of the movement to teens and tweens?

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