Introducing Zach Wahls and His Two Moms….

Another incredibly viral video this week: Two Lesbians Raised a Baby And….

The first time I saw it, 2 million views. A day later, over 4 million. This is an example of mass education via YouTube….now, don’t we all wish we had two Moms?

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  1. Carmen Guzman

    I thought about it and:  No…I don’t want two mothers, thank you.  One is enough, and at times it feels like it is too much!

  2. Stephspiro

    Apparently this video has gone viral twice in one year!  It went viral last February, I think.  So interesting that it keeps resurfacing to go viral.  It’s a hot topic and it’s an amazing video.  I’m so glad a whole new group of people have the opportunity to see it:

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