#Vmlab’s Date With “Queer Carrie”

Last week, awesome remix artist and “Pop Culture Pirate,” Elisa Kreisinger, came to The Viral Media Lab to talk about social media, pop culture, fair use, and feminist remix video.  We looked at some pretty amazing remixes and watched some of Elisa’s fantastic feminist remixes of Sex and the City, called “Queer Carrie.”  It’s amazing how, in the days of video remix, essentially any person can creatively rewrite the message of a mainstream show and transform a hugely iconic pop culture artifact about women running after men into something entirely different.  Kreisinger’s work uses commonly recognizable pop culture material to “talk back to pop culture with better stories about women that don’t revolve around men.”  This turns television viewing into a dialogue with multiple perspectives rather than just a one-sided conversation and a fixed/passive activity.  I love this:

Kreisinger also talked about “going viral” with your remix videos and reaching out to and establishing an audience/niche and online community via social media.  Who are you trying to speak to?  Who are you attempting to reach?  She also showed us some “PRV” (political remix videos):

and a few other fun remixes with interesting, important, fun, or subversive messages, like “The Bronte Sisters Power Dolls”:

and “It’s Raining 300 Men”:

You can visit Elisa Kreisinger’s website here and book her for a speaking engagement.  We highly recommend it!  Thanks again, Elisa for coming to the ‘Lab!

Interested in becoming a message remix-ologist?  Click here to visit Kathleen’s recent post on “Remix Code: Best Practices.”  And for a fab lesson in all things remix, click here to visit Kathleen’s other post, “Remix, Redux, Rewind.”  And click here for Lawrence Lessig’s TED talk: “Re-examining the Remix,” where Lessig asks “What level of control are we going to allow to be exercised over our social realities?”

As for me, I’ve been collecting a few interesting remixes and mashups from my ‘feed this week.  “Goodnight iPad” is a cheeky bedtime story parody for digital natives.  It becomes especially relevant if you think back to the generations of digital immigrants in the old days, unknowingly lulled to sleep to the sound of their parents’ voices and the oh-so-simply written worlds of Goodnight Moon in… gulp… paperback.  I’m sure these children never considered the option of losing the “quiet old lady whispering hush” to a world where she “would never be heard” over the sound of an Eminem ringtone… yo yo!  Hushhhhhhhh:

This standout Occupy Wall Street video has been circulating recently, called “Occupy Now”:

OCCUPY NOW from Arin Crumley on Vimeo.

And just randomly, a couple of fun Tarantino-centric mashups were tweeted in my direction.  The first was a mashup of the Inglourious Basterds and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, called “The Inglourious Animals“:

Bizarrely, this reminded me of the recent Cookie Monster/Tom Waits mashup:

… and this ode to Tarantino’s remix-ologist’s mentality, “Everything Is A Remix” trickled down my ‘feed the other day too:

Everything Is A Remix: KILL BILL from on Vimeo.

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